I will make sure of that!


I’m cutting myself with my own morals
I never meant to write about you
The one contact that I loved so much
But passing my own heart
What could possibly be within?


Dance Gavin Dance // The Robot With Human Hair Pt. 3

Won the battle, so now buy me clothes.
Let’s make believe that we’re better off alone.
Well, it’s me, I implore.
I store smiles down in the basement. 
Even in a perfect world we could not breathe.

Now I’m choosing my battles,
Now I’m herding the cattle,
Now I’m choosing my battles,
I am the sow.

You remind me of someone,
you remind me of someone else.

We could not get up here, the stairs have collapsed on top of us.
No one said it was my responsibility.
Well, I’ll get this done.
We are up on our backs, helpless, in fact, but slowly moving.
Nine to five, we slave for people that are underage.
I’m slowly moving.
I’m slowly moving.
Oh it’s the best feeling, thinking of your new goals in life.
I never wanted this to happen, 
but it always does…
It’s so funny when you speak of love so fluently; you have ruined me. When will this end, when will this end?
I saved the gats for you and I, decide!

We’ve got to save the weekends for getting our minds blown out.
We’ve got to find the best way for shutting their fucking mouths.
When will this end?
When will this fucking end?
Well judgement day is Tuesday, so get your rabbit foots out.

Its like we’ve never felt so…
(I’ll drive the boat, I’ll drive the boat)
Its like we’ve never felt so…. 
(Ill drive the boat, I’m arming the laser)
Its like we never felt so…
(Never felt so great! Never felt so gold!)
Never felt so gold, it hurts.
Diamond flavor.


So uh… I got bored and slowed down Spooks by Dance Gavin Dance.



Dance Gavin Dance are in the studio recording a new album. You can check out an update below.

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